Roland Juno 60 part 11: What ever happened to it?

I got a few questions about the final result of my efforts on the Juno 60.  Well?  I got it to basically function.  One voice had some issues that I couldn’t solve, but a trip to my friend Chris at This Old Synth got it to 100%.  I messed with it for a few months and decided that I didn’t need another big Poly sitting beside my Jupiter 6 and others so I sold it on eBay.


Here it/he/she is.  The wood sides came out amazing, the sound is/was fantastic, and some lucky guy paid me just under $900 via eBay for the chance to own it.

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Roland Juno 60 part 10: three years later… finishing touches

I didn’t mean to get side tracked, but life does that to you some times.  I just read through the nine posts I did about restoring this thing and realized I created one of those internet dead ends we all hate so much, where the guy is reaching from the top of the ladder to a woman who’s hanging out of the window of a burning building… well, not that dramatic, but I did leave the reader wondering what the hell happened.

The panel:  the panel that you see in post one, with all the paint and scratches and glue and stars… I replaced that with one I got from Doug at Synthparts that only had a few very small scratches and a tiny dent.

The circuit boards: All my parts eventually showed up after about 4 weeks and it went together.  I didn’t get any pictures of the soldering process, but who cares right?  One of the voices had some trouble so I eventually sent it to Chris at This old synth who sorted it out.  I still long for a good oscilloscope.

The keybed:  I never got the original keybed to work very well, always had some glitchy keys, so I bought a Roland Piano Plus 11 that used the same keybed -which happened to be in perfect condition.

The cost.  My original estimate ended up being low by probably $200, so I worked for free on this synth…


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Crumar Orchestrator -yeah!

I am not one to take a big chance on an unknown condition synth, but a slightly risky $ on eBay is easy to deal with if it’s cheap enough.  In this spirit I bought one of two Crumar Orchestrator’s that were listed for $89 each on eBay from the same seller.  It had been listed for a while at a higher price with no takers but when $89.99 landed I bought one and someone bought its twin within minutes.  Unknown problems?  Okay -just nothing major please…

Recently landed Orchestrator.  Looking pretty good.  What could possibly be wrong?  It came with the lid but no pedals.  I hear the ‘Swell’ pedal is amazing -need to find or build one.  Anyone have one for sale?

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Moog Opus 3: Part 2 -so long sweet prince

You can only stack them so high as I like to say.  Once I cleaned up the guts I refinished the wood case, detailed it and put it all back together.  Despite some efforts it remained silent except for the VCF.  I dropped it off to Chris and he gave it a few weeks of very part time attention -mainly due to shipping times of ordered chips.

At the end.  Notice it has all its slider caps here.  Thanks Doug for the three I needed.

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Arp Omni heaven -or, er, quite the opposite

I’m not sure how it happened -but I have two somewhat dead Arp Omni’s hanging around expecting my attention.  I admit -they’ve been getting it, but I haven’t been thrown much of a bone in return yet.

Unit 1: the silent type.  Got it pretty cheap on eBay when there were several broken ones on there at the same time.  I completely recapped it but it persists in its’ silence.

Unit 2:  Not quite as cheap but also not the silent type.  Lots of bleed through from bad capacitors, but most of the functions sort of work.

Who is who?  Look at the capacitors.  Complicated beasts these Omni’s -all out of proportion to their street value.

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Daniel Miller ‘Sunflight’ cover by my band ‘The Stranger’

I’ve got some instruments and if you are here reading my blog about synthesizers, you probably do too.  I have noticed that in many of the worlds of collectable stuff, the function and purpose of the stuff seems to take a secondary meaning to the acquisition and ownership of the stuff, with vintage musical instruments -synthesizers included- being no exception.

In the spirit of appreciating synthesizers for their intrinsic capabilities, here’s a cover song by my band.  The original was written and recorded by Mute records founder Daniel Miller for his ‘Silicon Teens’ project.

Instruments on this track include: Moog Source, Roland SH-1000, Sequential Circuits Prophet 600, Roland Jupiter 6 and others.

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My Roland RS-09 on eBay

I’m moving and in addition to not wanting to move a bunch of keyboards, I could use a little cash so I put my Japanese market RS-09 version 3 ‘Organ and Strings’ synthesizer on eBay.  Basic ‘It works and sounds great’ estate sale find descriptions after plugging in headphones and touching a few keys do not apply here.

This unit has been serviced by a tech to fix a faint continuous C# (couple of capacitors) and stubbornly noisy volume pot (new pot).  Since servicing it has been used on several recording sketches and performed flawlessly.

Clean, attractive and ready to make music.  Buttons and slider caps are the same as Jupiter 8.

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