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This isn’t meant to be a business, but rather a hobby. If I didn’t sell stuff occasionally, I wouldn’t have space or money for this hobby.  While you can bring them all home, feed them and make them feel loved, you can’t keep them all.  The equipment listed here falls in two categories: those that have been cleaned up by me and ready to perform as intended; and projects that I haven’t gotten to, that maybe you want to buy and tackle yourself. I’ll list stuff on the high side if I really don’t want to sell it, but can be swayed.  I’m always open to trades/partial trades.

Sold but not forgotten:

Cleaned up / Restored and ready for action:

SAE TWO R6 Stereo Receiver. Scientific Audio Engineering operated out of Southern California in the 1970’s making some highly desirable Hi-Fi separates. In the late 70’s they launched a line “Engineered in California” and Made in Japan, and among their offerings was this unit. It had its controls cleaned and careful detailing. Looks great and sounds wonderful with a good set of speakers. $250 Sold.

Moog The SOURCE.  Rare late model with separate S-Trig in/out, Sequencer Sync in, and separate 1/4″ jack cassette interface in/out.  Membrane and coder wheel function perfectly.  Keybed is very clean with new key stop felt.  Wood is tired, there are some scratches on aluminum case, mostly on lower front edge -you wont feel bad about modifying this one for the Encore MIDI kit.  These are much better synths than they are given credit for being. VSE.  SOLD  $1400.

Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 9.47.44 PM

Roland RS-09 version 3.  A clean example of a very fine string synth.  Chorus effect is not to be missed!  All slider caps etc are correct.  Some very light scratches on panel.  Great late night headphone keyboard.  VSE.                                     SOLD  $450.

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 project.  Got this with all the chips removed -you know -the CEM3340, CEM3372 etc.  The big money chips.  Not really worth it to fix BUT if you have either a cache of chips or a beat Prophet 600 this may be good for you.  The key bed, touch panel, boards, switches and all look really good.  Comes with a new pair of wood ends/screws.  VSE   SOLD                                                         $300.

Akai AX80.  I didn’t think it was all that great.  Looked great.  Functioned perfectly, but wasn’t that great.  SOLD


Gibson Clavioline. That Telstar sound.  Some scuffs and scratches but overall in excellent condition for a synthesizer from the 1950’s.  I don’t have the matching amp so I can’t test it but judging by how clean it is, a recap should see this ready for action.  I have come up with plans to power this and provide for 1/4″ instrument jack without the amplifier this is supposed to work with.  My write up here and the Soundonsound write up of the Clavioline.  SOLD                                                                                                    $500.

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak.  Small, powerful 6 voice Poly Synth with Midi and not the most user friendly programming.  Has that great Sequential sound -hard to not like it.  Serviced by Greg including the latest ROM loaded.  Lettering has worn off in a few places. Has new mahogany side panels and a one of my new screw sets. VSE SOLD        $475.

Akai AX-60.  Exceptionally clean example -better than new with Walnut side panels.  All sliders etc present.  Sounds amazing.  $500 sold!


Feedback on the sale from VSE: “Had a great transaction with “Perfectdefect”. He conducted very thorough tests, provided a mountain of photos, and even did video demonstration. When it came time to put the board in the mail it was here the next day. Very pleased. A+!”

Alesis Ion.  I think it must just have been too much for me.  I played with it a lot but it never really worked for me.  Condition is as good as you could hope for.  Comes with original owners manual.    SOLD.

Feedback on the sale from eBay: “excellent ! AAA+++”

Realistic MG-1 by Moog.  Surprisingly good and capable synth that looks like a toy.  Check out the Automatic Gainsay Youtube series on it if you don’t believe me.  This one is in like new condition with the foam/goo removed and comes with the original owners manual.     SOLD.

Feedback on the sale from eBay: “Excellent seller. A 30-year-old item arrived in mint condition!”

Yamaha SK30.  Heavy duty, good sounding and frankly under appreciated.  This one was in as new condition with all sliders and knobs present.  SOLD.

Feedback on the sale from eBay: “Very positive experience. Product came as described. Highly recommended seller.”


1 thought on “For Sale

  1. I suppose the Prophet 600 sold , am I right ?

    In case you still have it or another one I would be interested.
    Please let me know,

    Thanks, Les

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