Korg Maxi-Korg 800DV / Univox K3 part 1: The Purchase

My birthday is next month and every year I buy myself a piece of vintage gear (not sure why, but I hate the word gear for music equipment) – usually it’s a project and the price reflects this, so I start my search well in advance of my birthday – hoping something will turn up. Last year it was an untested Roland Jupiter 6, the year before was a Moog Source. This year I was thinking either a Korg Maxi-Korg or a Roland SH-7 or RS-505.

The other night this Maxi-Korg was listed on eBay for more than I wanted to spend on one, and it was untested, but I figured I’d submit a offer I was comfortable with and see what happened because sometimes you have to throw caution aside and go for it. Especially when you are looking at something you’ve wanted for a long time. Early the next morning my phone chimed because my offer was accepted!

Doesn’t look too bad right? The middle E key is clearly broken – a fairly easy and inexpensive thing to replace or, if the broken parts are in the synth, you can glue it back together. We shall see.
Slider caps are all present – a necessity for one of these since they are very hard to find! Some slider shafts will need straightening.

The faceplates on these tend to get polished by skin contact turning knobs and sliding sliders. This unit has none of that, so I doubt it was used all that much. Most likely just left alone for years in a garage or shed somewhere. Looking forward to it showing up – fingers crossed it is well packed. I have not had good luck with sellers packing stuff like this well.

They made these with Univox K3 and Korg 800 DV badging – same synth either way. The textured panel is metal – fairly stout metal. Should be interesting to clean up. The cord is hiding behind that door you can barely make out.
117V – that’s a good thing. You see these meant for Japanese market with 100V pretty frequently.

Up next: Part 2 Unpacking and Assessing


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