Korg Polysix project gets a new life

When you are into vintage stuff you fantasize about being one of those lucky people you hear about who scores some great piece for a ridiculously low price. In my experience those sorts of deals mostly happen in the meat space, and you have to meet luck halfway at a minimum. This is why I go to garage sales, thrift stores and the like as often as I can, to give luck fertile ground to grow on.

On a visit to an occasionally fruitful thrift store (one never divulges ones sources) I made one of my best Bugatti-in-a-barn type synthesizer purchases: a Korg Polysix project for $35. Before you fall off your couch there are two points to consider: this was when a nice Polysix could be had for perhaps $800-1000 and when I say project, I mean project. Someone had removed ALL the socketed ICs.

As found with the exception that I bought that high C key separately – stuck it there so I wouldn’t lose it. You’d have bough this right? AS IS, as though anything is ever other than that. A lot of the circuit boards were loose in the case. First order of business when I brought it home was fishing all the loose screws out of it and using them to secure the boards as best I could to avoid damage when being moved around.
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