RMI 368x part 1: voltage conversion and clean up

Years ago I bought a pair of RMI 368-X Electra-piano electric pianos for cheap. Like sub $100 for the pair cheap. Caveat – they were both 220V versions. Other caveat – neither was in good condition. Upside? The old guy I got them from said he bought one of them in the late 70’s from a touring British prog rock band. “The one with the wood.” he said. He couldn’t remember the bands name and these were popular enough with rock bands in the 70’s that it would be hard to deduce who it might have been.

In 2020 I bought a big house on 9 acres and after getting my life set up I resolved to get all my music equipment in one place and working. Low on the list was the pair of RMI 368-Xs hiding behind the camping gear in my mothers garage. Low until I decided I wanted a fully polyphonic basic piano to use. CS-60 wasn’t cutting it for simple composition and the Hammond was buried in the barn. The glowing Soundonsound review of the RMI added to my enthusiasm.

The worse off of the two is pictured above.

The 368-X is the same as the earlier 368 model, but has a plastic clam shell type enclosure where the earlier models had wood. Keys are basic Pratt-Reed and this example needs more than a few if I am going to replace the ones with cigarette burns. Someday I suppose I’ll fix this one up – especially if the asking price of $1000+ I see on Reverb is ever realized by anyone. One sits completed on eBay as I type here – sold for $875 with the foot controller and local pick up in Prescott Arizona. Maybe I’ll fix this up now so I can afford the Rhodes a friend is selling.

Lets move on to the wood one and fixing it up.

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