Vintage Instruments

Warning: this page is not mean to be comprehensive! It is a record of my research when I find stuff that I get excited about for whatever reason. Someday I’ll develop it into a database.

My focus is synthesizers and other musical equipment from the 1960’s through early 80’s.  Seems like every day I run into a new weird old thing I didn’t know existed.  As I find stuff I will update this page and eventually will become a detailed resource.

Year cited is year of introduction. I tried to source the manufacturers themselves for these dates, but even the manufacturers can be inconsistent. Roland SH-2000 is a good example of this. Send me a message if you have a better year than I do here.


Buchla 100 Series Synthesizer


Moog 1C / 2C / 3C Synthesizer


EML ElectroComp 200 Synthesizer

EMS VCS3 Synthesizer

Yamaha YC-10 Compact Organ


ARP 2500 Synthesizer

Buchla 200 Series Synthesizer

Moog Minimoog Synthesizer

Yamaha EX-42 Stage Organ

Yamaha YC-20 Compact Organ

Yamaha YC-30 Compact Organ


ARP 2600 Synthesizer

EMS Synthi A Synthesizer

EMS Synthi Sequencer 256

Yamaha YC-25D Compact Organ

Yamaha YC-45D Compact Organ


ARP Odyssey I Synthesizer

ARP Pro-Soloist Synthesizer

EML ElectroComp 101 Synthesizer

Moog Sonic Six Synthesizer

Triadex Muse Synthesizer


Korg MiniKorg-700 Synthesizer

Moog Satellite Synthesizer

Roland RE-201 Space Echo Delay

Roland TR-66 Drum Machine

Roland SH-1000 Synthesizer


Arp Explorer I Synthesizer

Arp Solina String Ensemble String Synthesizer

Oberheim SEM Synthesizer

Roland SH-3 / SH-3A Synthesizer

Roland SH-2000 Synthesizer

Yamaha SY-1 Synthesizer


Arp Axxe Synthesizer

Arp Little Brother

Arp Solina String Synthesizer

EMS Vocoder 2000

Roland SH-5 Synthesizer

Yamaha SY-2 Synthesizer

Yamaha GX-1 Stage Synthesizer


Roland System 100 Model 101 Synthesizer

Roland System 100 Model 102 Synthesizer Expander

Roland System 100 Model 103 Mixer

Roland System 100 Model 104 Sequencer

Roland System 100 Model 109 Speaker

Roland System 700

Yamaha CS-50 Synthesizer


Yamaha CS-10 Synthesizer

Yamaha CS-30 Synthesizer

Yamaha CS-30L Synthesizer

Yamaha CS-60 Synthesizer

Yamaha CS-80 Synthesizer

Yamaha EX-1 Stage Organ

Yamaha EX-2 Stage Organ

Yamaha SS-30 String Synthesizer


Roland SH-1 Synthesizer

Roland SH-7 Synthesizer

Roland SH-09 Synthesizer

Roland System 100M Synthesizer

Yamaha CS-5 Synthesizer

Yamaha CS-15 Synthesizer


Roland Jupiter 4 Synthesizer

Roland Pro Mars Synthesizer

Roland SH-2 Synthesizer

Yamaha CS-15D Synthesizer

Yamaha CS-20M Synthesizer

Yamaha CS-40M Synthesizer

Yamaha SK-10 Organ / String / Synthesizer


Yamaha SK-20 Organ / String / Synthesizer

Yamaha SK-30 Organ / String / Synthesizer

Yamaha SK-50D Organ / String / Synthesizer


Roland Jupiter 8 Synthesizer

Yamaha CS-70M Synthesizer

Yamaha SK-15 Organ / String / Synthesizer


Roland Juno-6 Synthesizer

Roland SH-101 Synthesizer

Roland Juno-60 Synthesizer

Yamaha CE-20 Synthesizer

Yamaha CS-01 Synthesizer

Yamaha SY-20 Synthesizer


Roland Jupiter-6 Synthesizer

Roland JX-3P Synthesizer

Yamaha CS-01 II Synthesizer

Yamaha DX-1 Synthesizer

Yamaha DX-7 Synthesizer

Yamaha DX-9 Synthesizer

Yamaha FX-1 Stage Organ


Roland Juno-106 Synthesizer

Roland JX-8P Synthesizer

Roland MKS-30 Synthesizer

Roland MKS-80 Synthesizer


Roland Juno-106S Synthesizer

Yamaha DX-5 Synthesizer

Yamaha DX-21 Synthesizer

Yamaha DX-27 Synthesizer

Yamaha DX-100 Synthesizer

Yamaha YX-7 Synthesizer

S T R I N G  S Y N T H E S I Z E R S


Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 10.28.48 PM

RS-505 Paraphonic


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