Daniel Miller ‘Sunflight’ cover by my band ‘Infinite Now’

I’ve got some instruments and if you are here reading my blog about synthesizers, you probably do too.  I have noticed that in many of the worlds of collectable stuff, the function and purpose of the stuff seems to take a secondary meaning to the acquisition and ownership of the stuff, with vintage musical instruments -synthesizers included- being no exception.

In the spirit of appreciating synthesizers for their intrinsic capabilities, here’s a cover song by my band.  The original was written and recorded by Mute records founder Daniel Miller for his ‘Silicon Teens’ project.

Instruments on this track include: Moog Source, Roland SH-1000, Sequential Circuits Prophet 600, Roland Jupiter 6 and others.

As for the band, we are a three piece engaged exclusively in a recording project at this point though we plan to play some shows in the San Francisco Bay Area starting this fall.

Our singer Leia relaxes during a break at a recording session.

Okay -so I’ve been away from posting for two weeks.  I’m in the middle of moving and went out of town for a few days to see Folk Yeah shows Explosions in the Sky with Twin Sister and Little Dragon with old friends Seventeen Evergreen in Big Sur at the Henry Miller Library on two separate nights.


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