Roland Juno 60 resto part 5: Wood

The Juno 60 is possibly the last synthesizer in the Roland line to feature wood ends.  Jupiters’ 6 & 8 had brushed metal ends, the SH’s and RS’s by this time were electronic sandwiches with plastic for bread and the Juno 106 had plastic as well.  To say the Juno 60 has wood ends is somewhat of a stretch really, as  it’s really wood simulating sticker applied to particle board.

This particular Juno 60 had been treated poorly and the ends looked horrible, but for all their ghastly appearance they did the job they were made to do -they protected the rest of the synth from assaults to it’s flanks.  New factory replacements do not exist so replacements had to me made.  Good thing we are talking about wood here ’cause I know a guy named Paul…

Starting at the end for once.  Here you are -a pair of cheeks and front edging in Sepele -an African hardwood a lot like Mahogany but about $6/BF, with a walnut stain and satin urethane finish.

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