Yamaha CS-50 Synths on the Market and sold

Below are Yamaha CS-50 synths that are either on the market or have sold. My purpose with this post is to follow the market and keep a registry of sorts. I’ll try and keep this post up to date as CS-50s are listed and then sell. Maybe someday I’ll get another!

July 22, 2021 CS-50 2707 Another nice CS-50 on Reverb – this one out of Austin Texas and serviced by Switched On. Asking price is $9000.

Groovy picture.

July 17, 2021 CS-50 2933 This unit is on Reverb out of Beverly Hills for $9000 + $300 estimated shipping. There is basically no description, so I suppose if one was going to buy this they would have to reach out to the seller first to get some basic information such as whether it has been serviced, is in tune etc.

Entire description: Very good condition comes with original lid and legs .
Rare find ! One of the best sounding analog synths ever !!!!!

These always seem to look pretty good, but then again I’ve never seen a bad one.
This control panel is a bit beat. Too bad, but live-with-able.

July 14, 2021 CS-50 1197 This unit is available from Tone Tweakers via eBay. Tone Tweakers have been selling serviced vintage synths for years. I have never met anyone who bought from them, but it’s hard to stay in a niche business without a good reputation, so I would assume they do a good job. The asking price for this exceptionally clean example is $10,999. Tax, shipping and handling probably means more like $12,000 – $3000 per voice! Reading through the description it seems that a fairly comprehensive service was performed and the buyer should expect a trouble free synth. If I was buying this synth I would consider a road trip to pick it up even though it is 3000 miles from my home. The adventure of that trip combined with the comfort of knowing there is no mishandling possible with the attendant buyer / seller / shipper acrimony would make this worth it. If I was the seller, I would consider meeting someone within maybe 500 miles of my location.

Looks like a nice, clean, well preserved CS-50. Picture is kinda blurry. I would think they could do better.
The positive ID. Now I have two data points of CS-50 serial numbers.

$10,999 is a lot of money, but I think this is where the first generation of Yamaha CS synthesizers is headed.

July 2, 2021 CS-50 1382 This unit is available on eBay from a Russia based seller. Description seems to be a cut and paste form somewhere and really doesn’t say anything about the instrument you are considering spending a (very small) boat load of money on. Starting bid is $6000 with a Buy It Now price of $7800. Shipping is quoted at $250. The pictures are not very detailed and of average quality. I think this needs improved pictures to coax a buyer to go through the trouble and wait buying this from Russia. I’ve bought PIO capacitors and tubes from Russia and they were slow to arrive. I have no idea how long a large heavy synth would take or how one would pack it for that trip.

Yep – it’s a CS-50. Everything looks great in this picture. The CS-50s I’ve had over the years had a black power switch with a light built into it, but I’ve seen this switch on some European and other market examples.
The edges of the painted panels and wood get chipped pretty easily – I don’t see any here.
It’s hard to tell if the finish on the panel is nice and even and there are just odd reflections and shadows. A well lit picture would tell more of the story.
I think these are original legs and if I recall they mount inside the lid. CS-60 and -80 have a more elaborate leg set due to the weight.
Positive ID on the serial number.

I’m not sure how many buyers will want to deal with the unknowns of this coming from Russia, but if you’ve been looking for one and are somewhere in Europe and have an intrepid spirit, this might be for you.


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