CS-60 Synths on the market and sold

Below are Yamaha CS-60 synths that are either on the market or have sold. My purpose with this post is to follow the market and keep a registry of sorts. I’ll try and keep this post up to date as CS-60s are listed and then sell. Good to keep track of the value of your stuff.

Update July 21, 2021: appears 1827 has sold! Was a good deal and I will probably eventually regret not buying it and selling mine.

July 20, 2021 CS-60 1827 This one is fitted with a Kenton Midi kit and is listed on Reverb out of Tuscon Arizona for $9000. It would make a lot of sense for me to buy this and sell my CS-60 after, but I am probably not up to all the money-moving and travel that would require. It does have some rare accessories, and with pick up available in Santa Barbara really wouldn’t be too bad.

CS-60 in near mint condition, fully restored by Nick Montoya of Moog music with Kenton midi kit installed.  Comes with rare vinyl case for the legs, music stand and foot pedal.  Makes for a nice collectable and is computer studio ready.  Custom wood stand and upper shelf are available as well (sold separately)    Available for pickup in Tucson, AZ or Santa Barbara, CA.  

Looks good. Not sure I dig the placement of the control over there. If I fit the Midi I’d have found a control from a 1970s home organ that would fit and look the part.
This is pretty much full-kit for a CS-60. You can get a sustain pedal as well, but they seem to be easy to get. Been meaning to get one myself. Looking at all the handles and the big gym bag reminds me of the utter non-portability of these first generation CS synthesizers. It’s a major endeavor for me alone to get my CS-60 off its legs.

I’m going to declare this a pretty decent deal. It can’t have cost less than $1000 to buy and fit the midi kit. It also can’t have cost less than $1500 – $2000 to have this thing gone through and refreshed by a tech. Such a deal.

Thinking about the look and placement of that control makes me wonder, are synthesizers like this more instrument or collectible these days? I hate to say it but in my opinion, they are probably more collectible than instrument to most owners.

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