Yamaha CS-60 part 3: Capacitors on order

After coming up with yesterdays capacitor list I went through my stash of capacitors and found about 40% of the ones I needed. Even better, I have all the caps I need to do the Sample and Hold, Key Assigner, T61 and Sub boards. It sounds aggressive – but if I can do these boards and start the power supply board it should kick start my effort and keep me busy until my order from Mouser shows up on Wednesday or Thursday.

I upped the voltage a little bit on most of the caps and for the two 3300uf 35v ripple filter caps I am using some 4700uf 50v caps I bought for a Soundcraft CPS150 power supply that ended up not needing them.

Normally I move the projects out to the workshop, but this thing is damn heavy. Family was off camping so I set up in the living room and worked until midnight. Yes, that soldering iron is precarious, I ended up getting a little table to set it on when my cat kept insisting on inspecting my work.

Here is the list I ended up with and what I had to order.

Power Supply

  • 1x 22uf 16v >> have 22uf 50v
  • 2x 220uf 16v >> have 220uf 50v
  • 2x 220uf 25v >> have 220uf 50v
  • 2x 1000uf 25v >> ordered 1000uf 50v
  • 2x 3300uf 35v >> have 4700uf 50v

SH sample and hold

  • 2x 47uf 16v >> have 47uf 25v

Key Assigner

  • 1x 22uf 16v tantalum >> have 22uf 50v
  • 2x 47uf 16v >> have 47uf 25v


  • 1x 1uf 16v >> have 1uf 50v
  • 1x 10uf 16v non-polar >> have 1uf 25v np
  • 3x 10uf 16v >> have 10uf 25v on


  • 1x 47uf 16v >> have 47uf 25v
  • 1x 100uf 16v >> have 100uf 63v


  • 5x each 40x total 1uf 50v non-polar >> ordered 1uf 50v NP
  • 3x each 24x total 4.7uf 50v non-polar >> ordered 4.7uf 50v NP
  • 2x each 16x total 4.7uf 50v >> ordered 4.7uf 50v
  • 2x each 16x total 10uf 16v >> have 10uf 25v
  • 4x each 32x total 100uf 16v >> ordered 100uf 25v


  • 4x 10uf 16v >> have 10uf 25v
  • 1x 10uf 35v non-polar >> ordered 10uf 50v NP
  • 6x 33uf 16v >> have 33uf 25v
  • 1x 33uf 25v non polar >> ordered 33uf 50v NP
  • 1x 47uf 16v >> have 47uf 25v
  • 4x 100uf 16v >> ordered 100uf 25v
These 47uf 25v caps are about 1/3 the size of the caps they replaced. Amazing how small caps have gotten. The big brown one back there is a 22uf 50v replacing the one Tantalum that was 22uf 16v. And that’s it, key assigner board done.

I have a thread going on modwiggler where I am asking questions and carrying on a general discussion. It has been recommended by a few folks to replace the 4000 series chips because new ones are more reliable and faults in these chips can be frustrating to trace. There are 6 in the picture above alone. Between all the boards there may be more leads to solder on these ICs than with the capacitors. And of course you want to add sockets for easy replacement in 45 more years. I am not even going to consider doing this yet. Need to get the capacitors done first. I don’t need another half done unplayable project.

Here is the SUB board prior to cap replacement. The hardest part so far on this project is not damaging the wiring while holding the board and desoldering the capacitor leads.
And here it is after replacement. Lots of 4558 dual op amps and other ICs here. Going to suck if I end up having to replace all these.
Here’s the SH board. Two caps and all done. Some restorers would clean these boards but I’m worried about handling them too much and putting strain on the wiring so I’ll let them be for now. More 4000 series ICs to fret over.
Here’s the T61 board after the two caps that live on it have been replaced.

So there it is, I go the SH, SUB, T61 and KAS boards recapped last night. Not a lot of caps between them, but nice to cross them off the list. I also got the power supply capacitors replaced except the two that I don’t have, but the power supply was a lot of work, so it will get a dedicated post tomorrow.


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