Hammond S6 Chord Organ Part 4: Fine Tuning

When I played the Hammond this morning it was back to happy – doing everything it was supposed to and in tune. I think I’ll just add a fuse and replace the amplifiers coupling caps this afternoon and try and see if I can get the PR-40 into a position where I can connect the two.

Okay so I played it again this afternoon and decided whatever triggers the pedal from the chord matrix was not working correctly. Cleaning the pedal contacts didn’t do anything so I decided to get into the mechanism of the chord matrix. On the Crasno site there is a picture of removing the chord button controls. I took their advice and taped the buttons to the panel so they wouldn’t all go through and end up everywhere. The matrix itself is an impressive mechanism. Whatever the note bars pivot on was hanging up and returning very slowly.

All I did tonight was get it apart then feed the chickens. I’ll do some internet searches and see if I can figure it out before I go much farther.

The bar you rest your wrist on just has this contact being made in it. When the contact is made, the chord sounds fuller.
Packing tape will keep the buttons from going everywhere. See the little button caps on the upper deck – those are the presets. Preset button and cover assembly is plastic.
Under the plastic cover is this matrix of metal leaf actuators. Pretty neat. The tall part contacts the buttons.
That row of curved metal deals are the triggers for the foot pedal. Five or Six at the end are sticking. You can see the last one here sticking.
That fourth one you see makes a note sound if I push the bass pedal. If I push a different chord, the bass sounds are summed and the beats sound like crap if this is still down. At least I know what I have to fix now. I admit – I am afraid to remove that matrix assembly.
Neat little button caps to help you hit the right chords out of 96 possible.

A lot of mechanical complexity here for sure.

8 chord forms x 12 notes = 96 total chord buttons, each needing a metal leaf actuator. Add to this the mechanical articulation as each actuator connects the left bass pedal to the fundamental note of the chord, and the right pedal to the 5th above the fundamental.

I’m going to remove the assembly at lunch and see what needs lubricating.


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