Hammond S6 Chord Organ Part 2: I need Glue

It was only about 9 am when I got back from the dump with this thing so I challenged myself – I will get this thing back together today. My dad thought this was laughable, but that only made me more determined. A lot of wood glue and patience as stuff set up was all it should take to get the wood back into at least functional shape. The waiting for it to set up was the hardest part.

When I was working on it I remembered there was one of these chord organs in Craigslist about 15 minutes from me for a few hundred bucks sometime in the last few months. This must be that organ. I should have called!

There is an umbilical cord of wires between the amp/preamp/control chassis and the voice chassis that is routed through a small hole in a plywood panel. There is no connector – only about a hundred solder joints on either side. I opted to remove this panel by brute force, and I left it off so I could easily take things apart as needed for electrical work.

There are scars from getting pushed out of the back of a truck that just can’t be erased, but I have noticed over the years that if you can make what you have look as good as it can, you will be surprised by the results.

This is among the worst of it. I drizzled glue down this crack and clamped it.
Getting stuff to line up would have been easier with more than 2 clamps – and especially clamps that weren’t so dang long. This corner was challenging.
The cheek and leg went on without a fuss. Almost like it wanted to go back together.
 I think you could add 30 minutes between pictures. Side was relatively easy to attach too. Incidentally, the kid on the bike is my son Rufus who learned to ride a bike the same morning.
Looking really not bad. Hang over is not gone, but it’s back on its feet. My dad is holding it down, What do you think of my work shop?

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