Moog Source #1253: there and back again and damaged in shipping

This is my Moog The Source.  It was a lovely all original piece in great working order.  In a fit of ‘I’ve got too much stuff’ a while back I sold this fellow on eBay and ended up having one of the worst selling experiences I’ve ever had.  I used this synth lightly in the studio and everything worked, even after several hours being on.  The buyer complained about lots of little things that frankly I suspect weren’t there, the aim of which was to get a partial refund.  After two weeks of having the money I got for this tied up in ‘item not received as described’ Paypal limbo I sent the buyer $50 and told them to ship it back.  They used about half the bubble wrap I sent it in and to round out the bad experience it showed up as you can see below.IMG_3019

Cheek took a pretty good hit.  Fortunately it still worked perfectly.  Shame about the original finish on the original wood…


Wood strip under the edge of the key bed came loose and was banging around inside.

I couldn’t bring myself to look at this synth for a while so I left it at a friends house so he could mess with it.  Last week I got fired up to fix it and use it again so I went and got it.


You have to open it up if you want to fix it!  Lots of stuff packed in a neat little heavy package.  This was taken after I finished mounting the long narrow trim piece with a hot glue gun I borrowed from my wife.


Here it is on my Wurli 200a after the wood replacement surgery.  Paul, my wood working friend charged me $50 to procure and cut a new piece of Walnut to make the cheek.  


Compare the color here to the one below.


Pretty well done.  Once again a very clean synth.  Now I ask myself… do I retrofit it for MIDI?


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