Moog Opus 3: Part 2 -so long sweet prince

You can only stack them so high as I like to say.  Once I cleaned up the guts I refinished the wood case, detailed it and put it all back together.  Despite some efforts it remained silent except for the VCF.  I dropped it off to Chris and he gave it a few weeks of very part time attention -mainly due to shipping times of ordered chips.

At the end.  Notice it has all its slider caps here.  Thanks Doug for the three I needed.

Wood came out amazing.  Refinishing is really very easy -just takes some guts.

So Chris got it back on it’s feet.  A few chips were replaced, some sliders I cleaned were recleaned and I got it back in tip top functional condition.  Sound-wise the Opus 3 was good, better in some ways than my Omni 2, but in the end the Omni 2 won out and I put the Opus 3 up for sale on eBay to help fund a recently purchased CS-50 in the past-tense.  I was hoping to get the $490 I was into it back out of it and realistically expecting to get about $650.

No mistaking that name plate.  Bob knew the value of brand.

I always start auctions at $9.99 for two reasons -I always sell stuff worth quite a bit more than $9.99 so I’m not worried about getting some minimum and so that when I get near the final price the item has had a bunch of bids.  Other words of advice?  Accuracy and lots of high quality pictures.

$911!!  Pretty sure this is the highest price paid for an Opus 3 in a while.  I think they were over $1000 new.  Worth it though.  Functionally this was good as new and physically probably better with the wood refinished as nicely as it was.


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