Arp Omni 2 fix up part 1: Key replacement and Slider clean up

While I wait for my Juno 60 toggles I might as well tell you about my Omni 2…  Here’s the first in a probably two part series.

I bought this Omni 2 off Craiglist in April 2011 for the seeming current market rate of ~$200 for one that powers up, makes most sounds correctly and has some ‘lingering’ voices.  While the lingering voices are alright if your fooling around, they are a roadblock to being able to make recordings with it -which is my intention.  A quick web search told me this was a common problem and not difficult, just tedious to fix -with a high success rate for machines that have basic functionality when you start.

Arp Omni 2 sandwich -the meats bigger than the bread.  Source looks positively petite on it.  Arp is pretty nice other than the chipped tooth -courtesy of careless TSA baggage handlers the PO told me.  Note the 6 vertical panel sliders have caps -also note that each slider has a white grease pencil line -one way to store a patch!

The blow actually took out two keys.  Keys are not quite level and have a bit of side to side play so I guess they could use new bushings -someday I suppose -first things first.  One screw and a little careful pulling and the keys come right off.

Replacement key was a smoker -imagine what smoking a pack a day will do to your teeth.  Funny no one ever asked what it did to your lungs -I guess you don’t walk around with your lungs showing.  Time to whiten this key.

The whitening recipe is courtesy of retrobright.  Hydrogen peroxide 10% and a pinch of Oxyclean then place under UV light -sunlight works.  Two days and it’s pretty damn white.  Fun.  Very 8th grade science.

Sliders weren’t bad -just the usual varying degrees of resistance to movement and hair/dust stuck to decaying grease.  I did the IPA soak followed by Simple Green bath followed by faucet rinse followed by distilled water rinse and a long day of sunbathing.

Not only do the sliders get cleaner -the board does too.  I know- I’m cheating, the capacitors are replaced here.  Just add silicon lube and the sliders will be nice(er).

Next I set up a soldering/de-soldering station -poolside of course. 6/24/21:Damn look at that old iphone!!

Alright -this is all past tense as I did the repair -but I thought it would be interesting for those out these contemplating this repair.  Up next -out with the Tantalums, in with the electrolytics.


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