Roland Juno 60 resto part 7: Bender panel

Any long task is accomplished in small increments.  A difficult task is accomplished by spending more time thinking about it than trying to do it.  A long difficult task… you get the idea.  The bender panel on this Juno 60 is frankly fucked up.  Let’s give it a clean.

Gold finger would love it.  Amazing thing is there were no screws securing the board or bender to the panel, it rattled around, but it worked.

Actually not bad under all the gold.  I cleaned it up with lacquer thinner and polish.  Shame about the scratches -and don’t get lacquer thinner in the LFO trig button – the plastic will melt.

I should have been satisfied as things stood but decided it wouldn’t hurt to try and touch up the scratches.  I bought some Testors black, a fine paint brush and tried to improve it.

Little bottles of Testors model paints bring back memories.  Plan is to fill the scratches with black, let it dry, sand it with 1500 grit sandpaper the spray it with semi-gloss clear.

Here you can see the high spots in the newly applied black.

It took a lot of work to get the high spots sanded down but it’s all level here.  Clear finish should hide the differences in black and finish -I HOPE!

Well, it mostly worked.  Indoors the repairs are basically invisible.  They look like smudges here.  Good enough for me for now…

These arrived addressed to me -addresses were removed to protect the innocent.  Parts?  Me thinks!

Part 8 here… keep reading!


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