Putting together an iPad music studio part 2: hooking things up

In part 1 I talked a lot about my fumbling for a solution.  Here’s a diagram of what I am using now -a very compact set up.  I am using powered monitors because I have them -one could easily use a home stereo, boom box or headphones.

Cables numbered above are thus:

1 is the USB cable that’s an integral part of the iMic -it plugs in to a USB port.

2 is an RCA stereo to 1/8″ male stereo cable -one goes from iMic 1/8″ out to RCA tape in, the other goes iMic 1/8″ in to RCA tape out.

3 is a 1/8″ male to 1/8″ male stereo cable.  One connects iPhone or iPad 1/8″ out to mixer input of you choice.  The other connects the mixer headphone jack to the monitors.

4 is a 1/4″ male to 1/4″ male mono instrument cable.  Plugs instrument to mixer.

6 is a 1/8″ stereo female to 1/4″ stereo male.  You get the idea.

I seem to have omitted 5… sorry about that!

What am I talking about when I say all the stuff about the cables?  The picture above should clear it up.  On the right is a 1/4″ male mono instrument cable.  1/4″ because that’s the diameter of the plug, male because, well, it’s kind of phallic, mono because it only has 2 regions to the plug -signal and ground or plus/minus -however you like to think of it, and instrument because it is rated at a specific resistance (ohms) that the pre-amp is expecting.  In the middle is an adapter to connect 1/4″ male stereo to 1/8″ male stereo.  Female side is shown below.  On the right is the 1/8″ male stereo to 1/8″ male stereo.

The female side -I guess you can see why they call it that.

This is all maybe $50 worth of stuff.

Next up, some more apps, playing with Garageband and instruments.

2 thoughts on “Putting together an iPad music studio part 2: hooking things up

  1. Hei there..
    Can i ask you some question?
    I want to ask you,how about if i used an ipad program called vocalive (vocalistlive),i want to use it as my vocal effect,for my recording and for my live gigs performance.
    Can you help me explain about that software in my ipad how does it works with a mixer,tube ultra gain (mic preamp),and a microphone? Do i need to buy an IK multimedia irig mic? Can emai me if u have the answer? Raymond.efron@yahoo.com

    Sorry if my english is so worse,because i am asian,i am from indonesia

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